A Warrick County High School has figured out how to drastically cut the illness rate among its students. The secret is hand sanitizers strategically placed all over campus.

New to Castle High School this school year, eleven hand sanitizing units in hallways and the lunch room. So far, they’ve cost just over $600 to maintain. The principal says they’ve been worth every penny.

Students not only took to the concept immediately, they’re actually missing school less. Castle High School Nurse, RN Ronnie Smith says, "As they leave, they do use the sanitizer. I don’t have to say anything to them about it. They just automatically do it."

Just a squirt before lunch, or between classes, or in the nurse’s office; Castle High School students are making good use of the automatic hand sanitizers. Student Stuart Harris says he has noticed a difference, "I’m less sick."

Castle junior Abby Risner says, "I haven’t been absent… I know, a lot less than I usually am." And senior Jordan Holl sees a big difference, "I haven’t been sick since… Since they installed them really."
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