Alabama health officials are warning residents that Shigella is making its way across the state.  The Troy Messenger carried a story on the outbreak today.  The story included information released by the Alabama Department of Public Health, which stated that 40 residents of Barbour, Crenshaw, Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston, and Pike counties have been ill with Shigellosis in the last three months. 

The Messenger further stated carried a quote from ADPH spokesperson Eileen Rogers:

“At this time, it is important that everyone increase the frequency and care of hand washing. Some individuals who are infected may have no symptoms at all, but still pass the Shigella bacteria to others.”

In addition, those infected with Shigella often remain infectious for several weeks.

The ADPH recommends that individuals experiencing fever, diarrhea, bloody diarrhea or diarrhea lasting more than 48 hours seek medical care.