Florida health officials in Seminole County are warning about a shigella outbreak at a daycare. A shigella outbreak was reported to Florida Health Department officials on Tuesday at the Kids City USA daycare in Altamonte Springs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, symptoms appear one to two day after exposure, with diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain. CDC said symptoms last five to seven days; however, people with mild cases may only need fluids and plenty of rest. In severe cases, antibiotics may be used. However, shigella is antibiotic-resistant. The bacteria is highly contagious, CDC officials said. A tiny amount of exposure to contaminated stool can cause infection. Health officials said the daycare is still open. CDC recommends that if an outbreak occurs at a daycare, to have a child who is infected with diarrhea to stay home and children who have recently recovered to be placed in one classroom to minimize the risk of exposure. Also, staff should be assigned to change diapers and prepare the food, the CDC said. Young children and travelers are among the most at-risk groups of being affected.