Intralytix Inc. announced last week that it has been awarded a contract from the United States Army to develop a bacteriophage-based food safety product for reducing or eliminating contamination from pathogenic Salmonella and Shigella spp.

The product would be used to eliminate or significantly reduce contamination of fruits, vegetables and other food products.

Intralytix Inc is a Baltimore-based biotechnology company focused on improving human health through the development and commercialization of innovative products for food safety and human therapeutics using its core bacteriophage (or phage) technology platform.

“We are very pleased with the award because it helps to enrich Intralytix’s portfolio of phage-based, food safety products, and it demonstrates the confidence that the U.S. Army has in Intralytix’s leadership in developing bacteriophage-based preparations for food safety applications for military and civilian populations,” stated Dr. Alexander Sulakvelidze, Intralytix’s Vice-President for Research and Development and Chief Scientist.

For more see the company’s press release.