Martha Gesegnet, RN, is a blogger who writes for The Natural Health Maven.   She recently wrote about friends who were quarantined in the home with an outbreak of shigella. 

Nurse Gesegnet writes:

It seems that her 4 year old contracted
"Shigella" at a movie theatre. Shigella is
a rapidly speading intestinal "bug".

And as such, it quickly made it’s way to her 2 year old,
6 year old and of course, to mom.

It is mandatory that Shigella be reported to the Center for
Diseaes Control. Her kids are not allowed back in school
until they all have negative, well, her quote, "poop" specimens.
I won’t even go into that tale.

The importance of all of this is….. no one really told her
some of the things she needed to know, and as
a result she and her family have been through tremendous
stress, strain, and suffering. Some could have been
avoided, and this may have been resolved much sooner!

Her doctor said, "just make sure they wash their hands"

But every one knows that 3 young kids who run,
and hug, and touch, and play are spreading germs every where.

And what about the car, and car seats?

Could 2-3 weeks of quarantine been avoided? I think it’s likely.

The nurse goes on to advise cleaning house and using "essential oils."  We not sure about the faith she puts in some of this stuff, but it makes for interesting reading and can be found here.