2/5/05- There are now 8 confirmed cases of Shigella in Jackson County. Shigella is a highly-contagious intestinal illness. Jackson County health officials say since they announced the outbreak Thursday, their phones have been ringing off the hook.
They say some people are reporting Shigella-like symptoms, but many just want more information. Officials say they’re glad people are taking notice, because they want to stop the disease from spreading.
Mary Ricciardello, Jackson Co. Health Department: “I t’s just a highly contagious illness that secondary infections occur approximately 40-60% of the time within a home.”
And while the disease is easily spread, if caught early, it’s also easily treated. If you have any questions, you’re urged to call your doctor or local health department. You can also contact the Jackson County Health Department at (517) 788-4619.