"Bacterial infection spreads through area" is the headline today in the Corpus Christi, TX Caller-Times.  The story by writer David Kassabian tells of the Shigella outbreak now occurring in Nueces and San Patricio counties in the Corpus Christi area.  According to the report:

Since Jan. 1, 68 cases of Shigellosis, a potentially serious diarrheal disease, have been reported in Nueces and San Patricio counties. Only one case was reported in 2007, according to the Regional Health Awareness Board.

Symptons of Shigellosis are diarrhea, which may contain blood, as well as fever, nausea, vomiting and cramps, according to a news release from the board.

"Usually Shigellosis goes away on its own after a few days, but antibiotics may speed recovery," said Dr. James Mobley, chair of the health awareness board. "Frequent hand washing is (the) most important step in fighting Shigellosis."

The story can be found here.

We also note that Corpus Christi is only 90 miles away from Karnes County, TX, which is also experiencing an unusually high number of Shigella cases.  We reported on that here.