Rachel Oesch
News 12
Feb 17, 2005
Doctors and health officials are seeing cases of infectious disease they once knew of only in history books.
Dr. Mark Anderson: “TB was something we thought we had cornered in the 1970’s but sort of to our surprise it started going back up.”
Doctor Mark Anderson specializes in infectious diseases. He knows what is spreading through the area and why.

Dr. Mark Anderson: “The reason was we weren’t tracking people and treating people as closely and we didn’t think it was much of a problem.”
The Health Department is warning parents and caregivers now about an infectious outbreak that happened last summer and could happen again this summer.
Donna Needham, RN: “Shigella is a bacterial infection of the GI system. It is anally-orally transmitted. Often you’ll see that transmission in children because of there hygenie practices or lack there of.”
You can also catch shigella by drinking pool water, or by eating contaminated food.
So, how to you know if you have it?
Shigella’s main symptom is diarrhea.
But it will take a visit to your doctor and a lab test to actually identify shigella.
If you or your child gets the disease, you can usually expect a complete recovery, although it may be several months before bowel habits return to normal.
Our health experts say they can’t emphasize enough how frequently washing your hands can help minimize your chances at contracting one these diseases.