Madison and Dane counties in Wisconsin are experiencing an outbreak of Shigella and Bill Novak at The Capital Times decided it was time to "give it to ’em straight."  For example:

The infection is usually passed from one person to another when the first person has improperly washed hands, then handled food or an object that gets contaminated with the bacteria, with the second person eating the contaminated food or handling the object.

Some sex practices can also increase the risk of infection, according to information from the public heatlh department.

The shigella bacteria can be present in the diarrheal stools of infected persons while they are sick and for up to a week or two weeks afterward.

The Madison area has seen 52 confirmed cases of shigellosis since July 1, compared to seven cases in the same time period last year. 

The cases reported ranged in age from a three-month-old infant to a 63-year-old.

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