We last reported on the campaign Muskegon County, MI undertook in mid-December here  to combat the rising incidents of Shigella it was experiencing.   Now comes reports that progress is being made.

According to the Muskegon News:

 An outbreak of shigella in Muskegon County appears to be waning, according to health officials.

Shigella is an intestinal ailment that can last from four days to several weeks but can be treated with antibiotics. The local outbreak began in October, and 93 cases have been confirmed since then, according to data compiled by the Muskegon County Health Department.

The number of new cases dropped from 48 in December to 11 this month, said Ken Kraus, director of the county health department.

"We’re hopeful that it’s starting to slow down," Kraus said. "It’s hard to tell if we’re out of the woods yet."

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