Schools are going to be hypersensitive this year about “deep cleaning” and student sanitation because of Swine Flu.   Maybe that will help with the old standby threats from the likes of .

In Ohio, the Zanesville City Schools are “scrambling to make sure everything is clean as possible for the upcoming school year.” That’s because two of 79 children in a daycare program operated out of the Rufus Putnam School have tested positive for Shigella.

Both victims are girls, the ages 2 and 3.  According to Vicki Whitacre, the Zanesville-Muskingum Health Department’s medical director, food handlers at the daycare are also being tested. Fifteen people who had some contact with the girls have reported experiencing diarrhea symptoms.

Food is brought into the daycare from another site and no other programs served have experienced any problems.   The school district is having everything cleaned and wiped down.