A health warning was issued for Grayson county residents Friday after health officials and Sherman schools report an outbreak of a highly contagious disease.

Friday, Sherman ISD sent letters out to parents notifying them of a Shigella outbreak in three of their schools.

“We do have three different campuses that were impacted. We have Sory Elementary that had multiple cases on that campus, five specific cases that I’m aware of. And we have two other campuses that only had one case, one student case in those particular campuses. They are Dillingham and Fairview Intermediate,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Tyson Bennett.

Grayson County Health Director, John Teel, said there are 14 reported cases of Shigellosis–an infection caused by the Shigella bacteria–that causes high fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

“We either catch it from someone we have close contact with, and it’s usually children, it’s usually young children who don’t know how to wash their hands very well,” he said.

That’s why Bennett said they are disinfecting campuses.