March 23, 2005
The Lubbock Health Department says 35 cases of shigellosis have popped up since January.
The shigella bacteria is spread hand to mouth after someone forgets to wash their hands after using the bathroom.
The Texas Department of Health is also warning everyone to take precautions to keep this from spreading further.
“Shigella has a short incubation period. Typically in 24 to 48 hours the person will become ill,” says Dr. David Waagner, of the Texas Tech Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. “It starts with an upset stomach or vomiting. It rapidly sets on with a high fever to 103-105 (degrees) shakes, chills and profuse diarrhea, typically bloody.”
Health officials say to wash your hands frequently, especially after changing a diaper and helping your child in the bathroom. Also, with summer just around the corner, remind your children not to drink the pool water.