Missouri’s Springfield-Greene County Health Department put this statement on their website yesterday:

Hand washing protects you from a number of different illnesses, including colds, viruses and diarrheal illnesses like shigellosis. Greene County has seen an increase in shigellosis cases in the past month. Shigellosis is caused by the Shigella bacteria and is spread easily from person-to-person by dirty hands. The best way to stop this cycle and slow the spread of shigellosis in our community is for each of us to wash our hands frequently — after using the bathroom, after changing a diaper and before eating or drinking.

Without saying, or apparently anybody asking, how many cases, the Health Department managed to get good coverage of its warning.   See this KY3 News story, for example.  Under a "Shigella Scare" headline, the warning was enough to get Greene County Health Department Director Kendra Williams on camera without giving up much in the way of facts.

From the comments on the KY3 website, however, it appears that Greene County may have a shigella problem in its dare care facilities.  Any reporter there want to take this a bit further please?