Worth County Schools are closed Monday and Tuesday, after an outbreak of Shigella as infected students.

At least five students have tested positive for the intestinal bacteria, but the number of students who have it is likely much higher.

And it is not confined to schools, there has already been 260 possible cases in the community.

Now parents and students in Worth County are worried about being exposed to the bacteria.

The Shigella outbreak in Worth County has parents and students concerned about sanitary practices at school.

“Just keep them in the house away from other kids,” says Eric Winstead, Concerned Parent.

“It is pretty scary for me since there is no cure for it, and it spreads really quickly, and it is really contagious so it scares me a lot,” says Tori Smith, attends Worth County Elementary School.

“Both of my kids have pretty low immune systems, so I am always worried if they are going to come home and get it and spread it to anybody else, to us, my husband, to me,” says Kyla Nelms, concerned parent.

Shigella is an intestinal bacteria, causing diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps.