The State of Wyoming Health Department issued a statement regarding the ongoing Shigella outbreak in Fremont County.  At least 78 people have become ill with Shigellosis as part of the outbreak, and health officials are encouraging residents to use preventive measures, such as hand washing, to avoid becoming ill.

According to the Wyoming Department of Health’s statement:

Shigellosis is a bacterial disease that causes diarrhea, fever, stomach cramping and sometimes bloody stools. Preschool and elementary children have been most affected by this current outbreak with at least 16 local children hospitalized over the last few months. “The size and duration of this outbreak is rare for our state and it is certainly should be a serious concern,” said Kelly Weidenbach, surveillance epidemiologist with the Wyoming Department of Health.

More on the outbreak can be found here, at the Wyoming Department of Health Web Site.  To read more about Shigellosis and how to prevent it, visit