May 31, 2006
Times Daily
Associated Press
Proper and diligent hand-washing is needed in order to curb an outbreak of bacteria-caused diarrhea that has been spreading in Tuscaloosa County, health officials said Tuesday.
A total of 55 cases of shigellosis have been reported in Alabama since March with 43 of those cases occurring in Tuscaloosa County. Shigellosis generally manifests as diarrhea and a fever and lasts between four days and a week.
“This is quite a large number (of cases) we’ve seen in a short period of time,”
Angie Dubose, a nurse supervisor at the Tuscaloosa County Health Department told The Tuscaloosa News for a story Wednesday. “We didn’t want to alarm people with this. It’s just that we’ve seen the growth in the number of cases we’ve seen recently, and the best way to prevent it is by adhering to strict hand-washing practices.”Continue Reading Outbreak of diarrhea-causing bacteria hits Tuscaloosa County