"food safety" shigellosis

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(CCNMatthews – Aug. 3, 2006) –
Shigella bacteria are found naturally in the intestinal tracts of humans and other primates. People who eat food or drink water contaminated by Shigella can become ill with shigellosis.
What are the symptoms of shigellosis infection?
Like other foodborne illnesses, the symptoms of shigellosis can feel like the

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(CCNMatthews – Aug. 3, 2006) –
What is foodborne illness?
Food contaminated by bacteria, viruses and parasites can make you sick. Many people have had foodborne illness and not even known it. It’s sometimes called food poisoning, and it can feel like the flu. Symptoms may include the following:
– stomach cramps
– nausea

Grand Forks Herald
Jul. 27, 2006
* Do not swim if you have diarrhea. This is especially important for children in diapers.
* Avoid drinking water in lakes and in swimming pools.
* Practice good hygiene. Shower before and after swimming in lakes and in swimming pools.
* Wash hands with soap frequently and thoroughly,