"school outbreak" shigellosis

The Louisiana Advertiser’s Jason Brown reported on a Shigella outbreak at St. Pius Elementary:

There have been three known cases of shigellosis, a type of stomach bacteria that usually causes diarrhea and stomach cramps, and one case of Salmonella at St. Pius Elementary, a school official said today.

Ted Daigle, assistant principal at St. Pius, said an official with the Department of Health and Hospitals came to the school Thursday and confirmed that the bacteria was Shigella and not E.Coli. Daigle said kids have been complaining of stomach issues for two weeks . . .

Daigle said the school has stepped up sanitizing in restrooms, from two times a day to several times a day. He said that includes toilets, sink handles, door handles, paper towel and dispenser handles. They also notified parents and brought in health officials for more tips on prevention.

Daigle said the diner and custodial staff have also stepped up their efforts.

They have also changed school policy so that any child who displays some of the symptoms, diarrhea or nausea, must not return to school until 24 hours after the symptoms have ceased, Daigle said.

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April 27, 2006
The Brunswick News (Ga.)
Lauren McCallister
The Glynn County school system is warning parents of pre-kindergarten children at the Family and Children’s Education Services center to be on the lookout for symptoms of shigellosis, an infectious disease that’s treatable with antibiotics.
Students carried letters home with them Wednesday from the school advising parents that there have been reported cases of shigellosis at FACES.
Health officials said there have been at least two confirmed cases.
Shigellosis is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Shigella. It is caused by contaminated food, water or improper hand washing.Continue Reading Illnesses hit preschool