The Chiefland Citizen reported on September 27, 2006 that:

A Sept. 14 letter distributed to parents of Chiefland Elementary School children warns of a disease known as Shigella, which can go undetected for seven days and the carriers of the disease may not show symptoms.

Those symptoms are: watery, bloody or loose stool, fever, and headache or cramps.

Shigella is spread from person-to-person, or by eating or drinking contaminated food or beverage, or by touching a contaminated object, according to the letter by Elizabeth Powers, R.N., with the Levy County Health Department.

Levy County Health Department Administrator of Health Barbara Locke, R.N., M.P.H., said Shigella is a fecal-oral bacterial infection of the intestines.

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07.sep.06 The China Post Associated Press

Beijing — Medical experts say a food poisoning outbreak that left at least 300 Chinese schoolchildren hospitalized was caused by shigella bacteria, a news report said Wednesday. Students and teachers fell ill after eating lunch Friday at the Chongzhou City Experimental Primary School in the southwestern province of Sichuan. Investigators have found shigella bacteria in the food, the official Xinhua News Agency said. The bacteria are spread through undercooked or contaminated food and poor hygiene, and cause diarrhea, fever, vomiting and stomach cramps.Continue Reading Food-poisoning at school caused by shigella: report

BEIJING, Sept. 7 — Experts have discovered the bacterium that caused a food poisoning outbreak at a school in Southwest China’s Sichuan Province that affected hundreds of children and teachers.

The bacterium has been identified as shigella sonnei, which causes dysentery, said Liu Jun, deputy chief of Chengdu Municipal Health Bureau, at a press conference yesterday.

The announcement of the cause of the outbreak, which occurred at Chongzhou City Experimental Primary School, 40 kilometres from Chengdu, follows complaints from parents that the local government was slow at giving out information.

Lab experiments showed that shigella sonnei was found in a sample of cold pork dressing that was served to pupils at the school last Friday, Liu said.Continue Reading EXPERTS IDENTIFY BUG IN FOOD POISONING CASE