The Alameda County Public Health Department, Los Angeles Department of Public Health, and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) investigated an outbreak of shigellosis associated with a Kaiser Permanente union delegate conference held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles from August 21 to August 24, 2023. The event included 269 attendees from

As of December 12, 2023, Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) has confirmed 57 cases of shigellosis, a diarrheal illness, primarily among members of the community experiencing homelessness. Panhandle Health District (PHD) has confirmed four cases of shigellosis among residents of Kootenai County. It is not yet known if the cases in Spokane County are linked

The Pennsylvania Department of Health (PADOH) released a health advisory on Wednesday, November 15, 2023. Below is a summary.

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) identified an increase in the number of shigellosis cases reported during October 2023. This increase was almost twice as large as the 5-year statewide average number of cases during the

The patient count in an outbreak of infections from Shigella continues to increase in Yakima County, WA.

As of Oct. 18 public health officials had confirmed 72 people with infections since the first of this year. That’s compared to 10 cases at this time in 2022.

The source of the bacteria has not yet been

Alameda County Public Health Department, in coordination with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), is investigating an outbreak of shigellosis likely associated with a union delegate conference held at a hotel venue in downtown Los Angeles from August 21-24, 2023. 

The event included an estimated 300+ attendees from across California. As of August 31

As the Texas Department of Health has reported, there is a Shigella Outbreak in Lavaca County that has sickened nearly 100. It appears to be linked to a local food establishment, Los Cabos San Lucas Mexican Grill, in Hallettsville, Texas.


The Texas Department of State Health Services Public Health Region 8 (DSHS PHR 8)

Background: Humboldt County Public Health has become aware of several confirmed and suspected cases of Shigella gastroenteritis with links to the Eureka 101 corridor on the north and west sides of town throughout the past 4 weeks.

Based on current and ongoing investigations we suspect the spread may be greater than our current understanding. Therefore,

Public and Environmental Health officials are working to contain local cases of the gastrointestinal illness Shigella bacteria, after three lab-confirmed cases and two more suspected cases infected Eureka residents during the past month.

The cases span multiple households, infecting school-age children and adults, including a person experiencing homelessness. Officials believe the virus may have been

With no new cases in more than a month, the shigella outbreak declared in October 2021 among people experiencing homelessness is over, the County Health and Human Services Agency announced today.

The last shigella case connected to the outbreak was identified Dec. 11, 2021, and for over a month, cases have remained at the historical